#000 – “Once a Hippie” Episode Links & Stuff

The big news in the SWP Podcast camp is that we’ve recorded our second show, it’s in the editing process and will be available soon.

We’re excited about our new episode and how we’re growing and expanding as podcasters, both in terms of confidence and technical proficiency.  We’re only two episodes in, so we’re still rank amateurs, but we’re having fun and learning a lot!

While we wait for the final touches to be put on the last ep, let’s look back at our humble beginnings a mere four months ago, shall we?

Here are the follow-up links and associated nonsense for the topics covered in Episode #000 – “Once a Hippie, Always a Hippie”:

  • Sarah’s Jam

Roasted Garlic & Onion Jam
Stonewall Kitchen Roasted Garlic & Onion Jam

  • Once a Hippie, Always a Hippie

Ren Faire Hippie Christine
Christine, the Ren Faire hippie

  • Medical Marijuana

Cannabis Sativa
Charlotte’s Web, a strain of cannabis high in cannabidiol and low in THC.

  • Urban exploring or breaking and entering?

San Fernando Valley Relics Museum & NextDoor.com

  • Sanding your car is harshing my buzz
  • Richard Gere, boobs & complimentary chocolates

Richard Gere  Chocolates

Bears In Your Area

  • Rattlesnake Shake

Contemplating A Snake
How to Treat a Rattlesnake Bite

  • Why not just drink?


  • Christine the Foot Pimp

Monkey Selfie
Monkey selfie

Group foot pic

We hope you enjoyed our first experimental episode. Stay tuned for more SWP podcast fun to come!

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