To learn about why the podcast is called “Sex With Penguins” go here.  Rest assured no penguins were harmed in the making of this podcast!

Conversations in Heaven

Conversations in Heaven

The Sex With Penguins Podcast is about the intersection of spirituality, sexuality, and the extraordinary insights of an ordinary life.

We are:

Sarah: A Reiki and Massage practitioner and digital media consultant, a woman vaguely surprised to find herself in a committed and long-lived marriage and a mother to an up and coming bodacious teenage daughter, a walker of labyrinths, a lover of good and good for you food and newly-inspired fitness enthusiast. More at: http://www.blissmission.com

Christine: Spiritual counselor, sex educator, writer and raconteur. Single, sober, and only slightly bitter about it. Lives for cats, chats and long walks to any place someone else will do the dishes. More at: http://www.christinepena.com



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